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Here is a list of our favorite links about products that we sell and install. We hope this list helps you LOCATE additional helpful information. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to hoppehandymanservice@yahoo.com or call us at 636-677-4628.

At Hoppe Handyman we offer a wide variety of stairlifts to help you stay in your home longer and avoid the high cost of nursing homes or retirement communities. We do whatever we can to make Aging-In-Place Easier for you! We offer two lines of Stairlifts which include Acorn & Brooks. These lifts are top of the line gear driven lifts which have all the necessary features to get you up and down stair in a safe and timely manner. Click a logo to contact us about and estimate!!!

Mr. Grab Bars is an industry leader in grab bar sales. They offer a number of different grab bars in different finishes from brass to oil rubbed bronze. Grab bars make your bathroom safer. When its difficult to get out of the tub or up from the toilet, a grab bar is the way to go. Let us make your bathroom, commericial or residential, safer by installing grab bars. Click on the logo to contact us for an estimate!!!

Shower & Tub Surrounds

Onyx is one of Americas leading solid surface shower surrounds and we are proud to have it as one of our products. When you are looking to update your bathroom Onyx is the way to go. They offer a wide variety of options and colors, to meet all of your bathroom needs; from shower surrounds to sinks. Click the logo to contact us for an estimate!!!